Planning a budget-conscious vacation doesn’t have to be difficult – here are a few tried-and-true tips for booking a great trip for pennies on the dollar using! is a hotel and vacation package booking site that offers exceptional rates and person-to-person service.

No one in their right mind thinks that planning a trip is fun – that’s why Mother Nature gave us personal assistants, after all. However, if you’re like me and don’t have the luxury of a team of employees, vacation preparation is something you’ll have to do yourself. Fortunately, the mundane tasks of researching accommodations, rental cars, travel arrangements, flights, and creating itineraries don’t have to be mind-numbing chores; you can just find a vacation package and voila! It’s all taken care of! But where to begin?

I recently returned from a weekend trip to Toronto (it was awesome – thanks for asking!) where I got a fantastic all-inclusive deal, with semi-luxury hotel and round-trip flight for just over $400, considerably less than if I had booked the hotel and flight separately. Here’s how I scored that budget-tastic deal.

Book Excellent (and Cheap) Vacation Packages through

My new favorite trip-booking resource is Not only does offer remarkably cheap hotel options all over the world, it offers personalized concierge service that helps users make the most of their vacations. Customer support is 24/7, and you can contact your Travel Advisor using any communication medium you want – phone, text, or email.

Although planning a trip is never going to be as enjoyable as going on a trip, – and a few simple tips – can make the process easy and convenient for any traveler!

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