Born in Milwaukee Wisconsin in 1954, Peter Zieve graduated from MIT in 1976 with a BS in Electrical Engineering.  In 1977 he founded EFB incorporated. He then went onto study for and pass a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. He invented a Low Voltage Electromagnetic Riveter, and this enabled him to found his company Electroimpact, where he is the long serving Vice President. His company is a major supplier to Boeing and he employs over 800 people worldwide. His business likes to employ locally, whenever it was possible, thus giving back to the community around him. He firmly believes in Mukilteo City where he lives and has a dream that all of the children of Mukilteo to be able to live their dreams and achieve their ambitions. He has got them involved in Sports and tried to improve their schooling.

One of the first questions that we ask people when we meet them is where are you from?

Psychologically speaking this is not just a question, someone’s home can say an awful lot about them and can frame their thoughts and beliefs and the way that they look at the world. Seeing the world and what it is like in different places is a must do for all. We all like to fill out these questionnaires on Facebook which will highlight on the map all the different counties we have visited and show us the ones we need to see next. We want to know what it is really like in each place and the truth is that we will obviously never go everywhere in our lifetimes and furthermore as the age-old adage says, there is no place like home.

It is true that we can have more than one home, that is to say that we can feel at home in more than one place, and it is very true that people develop strong bonds and attachments to places where they live, for some this will be the place that they are born and for others it will be the place that they found and wanted to make their home. These bonds between people and their homes have actually been given names such as Topophilia, rootedness and “Attachment to place”

A strong connection to the place where we are from and believing in its people and the location can only enhance our lives. Our life is affected by our physical surrounding and the wellbeing of those around us and it is important for us all to realise that we can have an impact on those surrounding. The world immediately around is plays a large part in bringing organization and purpose to our lives.

This is appreciated by Peter Zieve and is one of the main reasons that he has entered local politics in Seattle

His party is called The Mukilteo for All political committee and they have spent almost $12,000 on news and advertisements in local press such as the West Seattle Herald and the Seattle Times for their campaign. Even getting with modern times and setting up a social media presence and a blog.