Finding a great beauty salon is not always easy, prior to moving to Bellevue I used a great clinic in my last place which I found thanks to the Sono Bello reviews which I read, but was forced to change after the move. Thankfully my neighbor here in Bellevue is a beautician with her own clinic, and I have been using it ever since I met her. Hannah’s story is pretty incredible actually and the success of her parlor has been exceptional. When I asked here how she had found success in such a short space of time, and in a highly competitive industry, she spoke at length about how she used online marketing to drive sales to the business. Here then is how Hannah managed to gain the level of success which she has, solely through the use of online marketing.

Having a Presence

The first step which Hannah took was to create an online presence for her business, so that the company could be discovered. This involved first of all setting up a website for her business, with plenty of information for the clients to find. Secondly Hannah made sure that she was set up on every review site like Google and Yelp, so that people could leave helpful reviews and comments. Word of mouth has always been a great marketing tool, and through the use of these sites, Hannah was able to gain a strong online reputation.

Social Media

Hannah told me that when she first started out, she didn’t have any money to invest in marketing, so she was forced to do it herself for free, through the use of social media. Hannah not only used social media to amp up some support for her business, but she also used it to create a real buzz around the offers and promotions that she was putting on. The masterstroke for Hannah however, or at least in my opinion, was the way in which she communicates with her clients and actively uses the social media channels to directly engage with the clients. What this does is create trust and a familiarity between client and business, which ensures loyal customers.

Promotional Marketing

Once she did have a little bit of money to invest in marketing, Hannah decided that the best course of action was to use promotional marketing. What this involved was placing a large amount of coupons on the website Groupon, with heavily discounted beauty treatments. These coupons got snapped up in no time at all, and the next step was once the clients came in, to ensure that they had an incredible experience which would then see them return in the future, only they would then be paying full price. The reason this is such a great idea is that although the discount was 50%, Hannah was really only losing profit rather than actually losing out. The result was more customers through the door, and more people who would tell their friends about the clinic.