Dan Schatt’s Earnity: Providing a Home for Crypto Content Creators and Influencers

In December 2021, the cryptocurrency industry saw a game-changing move when Earnity and BitNile joined forces to form a partnership. 

Earnity is a crypto investment firm founded by Domenic Carosa and Dan Schatt, and it is passionate about blockchain technology. The firm aspires to give people the opportunity to gain better control over their finances through a platform to earn, exchange, and become educated about crypto assets. The California-based company raised over $20 million in 2021 with the help of BitNile and expects to launch its curated marketplace for tokens or portfolios of digital assets in early 2022. 

Moreover, Earnity is a social-first company. It is anchored by its users and content creators, ensuring that the bloggers, video producers, and analysts have all the opportunity to make a living as a crypto creative. At present, most crypto content creators and influencers are forced to use clickbait strategies and leverage temporary trends to gain profit. 

The Earnity platform will give them a safe place with creator-friendly means of monetization that reward high-quality content and authentic learning. Additionally, creators and influencers will have access to tools that will let them grow, connect with, and engage audiences. The emergence of web3 technologies will also empower them to leave behind mass media models that have dominated the social web thus far. Replacing the existing state of affairs will be peer-to-peer and focused communication in a safe and trusting community.

Earnity, under the leadership of Domenic Carosa and Dan Schatt, is looking forward to helping lead the charge in the crypto revolution. Earnity strives to educate people on managing their money more effectively. The company is also inspired by crypto’s promise of individual empowerment, which can be realized by making crypto products and services more accessible and easier to understand.