Benefits of Ecommerce Integration Solutions

Ecommerce is big business and all over the world there are many people who are looking at setting up their very own ecommerce business. It is clear why this has become so popular, based on the reduction in overheads when compared to traditional businesses. Something which many of these ecommerce companies miss out however, is the importance of seeking out ecommerce integration solutions. ERP integration offers an enormous array of benefits and that is exactly what we are going to be looking at today.

Here then are some top benefits of ERP ecommerce integration.

Improved Customer Experience

The best way for you to truly deliver for your customers and ensure that they have absolute satisfaction is to give them maximum visibility of the process. Thanks to ERP you can give customers exactly what they are looking for in this regard. Using this integration you can give customers real time updates throughout the entire logistics process so that you can remove issues and create long lasting relationships with them.

Increased Shipping Choices

Giving buyers the chance to choose their own shipping strategies based around delivery times, cost and specific handling you can also increase their options when they buy. Using multiple global shipping companies makes things easier and more cost effective for the customer, just what they are looking for.


Whether we like it or not, human interaction causes errors and mistakes and that is why you should always be looking for ways in which you can automate the process. Integration will do exactly this and from sales orders to inventory management, you will find that things are more accurate, This will help you greatly reduce your costs and stay on top of the running of the business and its inventory.

Greater Insights

Insights into our customers, trends and what is getting the most attention is critical to helping us understand what sells and where we should target our efforts with regards to marketing. ERP integration automatically generates huge volumes of data such as financial reports and metrics which can help you really get to the bottom of what your business is doing best. Reviewing these reports will allow you to truly hone in on all aspects of the business which need your attention and which you can capitalize on.

Customer Retention

Retention of customers is so important in today’s world and if you can create customers for life then you will be doing very well with regards to the long term success of your business. Because integration is able to offer customers a clear view of what is happening from the moment that  they purchase a product to the moment that it arrives, you are going to be significantly boosting your chances of retaining that customer and seeing them come back to your ecommerce business once more.

There is no doubt about the fact that ecommerce integration should be part and parcel of your ecommerce operations, there are simply too many benefits to ignore.