Baystate Wildlife based in Canton, Massachusetts have a fantastic reputation in all matters relating to pest and animal control. They have an efficient solution and a positive procedure for any pest control problem, from rodent or bats to racoons and squirrels their work is so professional and their customer service so faultless that their reviews and ratings are always positive and fantastic.

For the efficient and professional team at Baystate wildlife, no job is too little or too small and positive ratings and comments include “I have to recommend these guys just for restoring my sanity. Thank you, guys”, to “Very good service, kind people, thorough job done quickly” to “they are stars, no other words to describe it”

As we know insects, rodents and pests will damage our property, leave foul smells, irritate allergies and spread diseases. The very thought of having an infestation causes us severe distress. We want a friendly team who can eliminate the problem as quickly, cheaply and efficiently as possible, this is exactly the service that Baystate wildlife provides.

The staff at Baystate Wildlife will always do a good job, they are friendly, efficient workers who have a very good reputation in the area. They are specifically trained to handle all times of infestation in a humane and can do so in a friendly cooperative manner. Baystate wildlife is a fantastic animal control agency that will always offer a follow up service to ensure that the problem is completely resolved and to ensure that there is no way for the critters to make their way back.

Sometimes a stray racoon or a bat will find its way onto your property, again Baystate Wildlife will be able to send out one of its friendly and efficient stars to help you with the problem. They will do a quick job for a more than reasonable price. They will cause as little disruption to your home as possible and they will be thoroughly professional throughout the process.

Baystate Wildlife always deal with the animals as ethically and humanely as possible. They have the knowhow, training and equipment to enable this. They will also replace any damaged insulation in your home and will always use ethically sourced materials to do this. They will also plan with you and further remedial work that may need to be done to ensure that you do not have these problems again.

Using their knowledge and experience the staff at Baystate Wildlife can give you guidance and advice on whether you will need routine treatment due to the nature of your property and what steps you can take to avoid any further infestations.

The work that they have done will be guaranteed to a reasonable amount of time, depending on the circumstances of your home and the infestation type and they will offer an opportunity for them to inspect it at relevant intervals. They will give you advice on an after-care service ensuring that you keep children and pets away from the affected areas until the sprays are safe.