3 Basic Skincare Tips for Men with Ken Julian

Men’s skincare has become one of those topics that get people talking. Ken Julian is a beauty influencer who, through his own social media accounts, shows men how to adopt a skincare routine. Besides his own Instagram account, he has recently started a YouTube channel through which he shares the same information but specifically targets men.

1: The Right Products for Men’s Skin

While often people think that shaving and cleaning your face are all there is to skincare for men, there are many products out there designed specifically for men’s skin. The first is an exfoliator, which gets rid of dead skin on your face and helps you get what Ken calls the “glow,” where the skin looks fresh and healthy even after you’ve shaved it that morning. This is something that women have long known but has taken a little while for men to catch on.

A second product is an astringent, which helps your skin stay fresh after you shave. This is something else that women have been using for years, and it’s finally made its way into the mainstream with products like Nivea For Men Post Shave Balm. Of course, another key piece of that is shaving cream, which I’ve talked about before. While many women’s products today contain some moisturizing properties, grooming products for men tend towards the other end of the spectrum.

They are generally designed to help you shave better and closer without irritating your skin. This means many of them don’t have much in the way of moisturizers but instead have ingredients that help stop your skin from getting irritated. Some of these are fragrance-free, which is helpful if you don’t want to smell like a flower garden after you shave.

2: The Right Shaving and Facial Hair Tendencies for Men’s Skin

Shaving with the right products is only half the battle, though. On top of that, you need to know what kind of facial hair to have and how often to shave if you want your skin to stay healthy. For example, a common question for men who have relatively thick beards is whether they should trim their beards or not.

The answer depends on the thickness and texture of the beard. If your beard is a lot more coarse than it’s thick, you will want to trim it because otherwise, you wind up with what Ken calls “beard dandruff,” which are very tiny flakes of dry skin in the beard.

Think about how much easier it is to clean your hair if you have just a little bit that you can touch and get rid of and how much harder it is to clean if you have a lot. The same thing applies to your facial hair when it comes to the dandruff analogy. For men who want the best results so that their skin stays healthy, trimming your beard regularly is key.

3: Men’s Skincare Tips That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Many men are shocked to hear that they should be moisturizing regularly. However, even men who have perfect skin can benefit from moisture because it hydrates the skin and keeps it soft, supple, and smooth. There are many products out there for this, including moisturizers with SPF in them if you want to protect your skin from sunlight.

Another important part of your skincare routine is to make sure you’re using makeup products that are appropriate for men’s skin. These tend to be less pigmented and have fewer drying ingredients, which means they go on nice and soft with no irritation.