Over time, you may become more confident in many aspects of your life, including your career or in overcoming life’s challenges in general. However, the one area in which you may increasingly lose confidence is your appearance. Several companies, such as cosmetic surgery provider Sono Bello, which is active on LinkedIn, have helped to restore patients’ confidence through their proven procedures, with one of them being liposuction.

A 49-year-old woman named Gina, who recently underwent liposuction, initially didn’t intend to go through with liposuction. However, her daughter changed her mind. It all began when she discovered a cosmetic surgeon while looking for procedures for her daughter. When she saw the great results her daughter experienced, she knew she had to try a procedure out for herself, too. Her husband made it easy for her to take the plunge, as he surprised her on her birthday by giving her a card that encouraged her to try out cosmetic surgery. She made her appointment immediately.

Gina said that when she went in for her procedure, she was comfortable from the start, as the entire team was compassionate. She had a positive experience during her liposuction procedure, and now, she feels more confident than ever.

Gina admitted that she grew up spending her time outdoors, where she rode horses and surfed, but she gained weight when she quit being active. As she continued to gain weight, all she wanted to do was cover up her body and hide. Fortunately, those days are over now. Today, she’s back to staying active and can’t get over the fat that she actually has a shape now.

You have only one life to live — and one body to live it in. You might as well be happy with it, and be confident about it. A talk with a cosmetic surgeon in Chicago can help you to kick start your journey to falling in love with your body — and therefore your life — all over again.