My daughter and I go shopping almost every Sunday afternoon and our number one destination is usually our local Bonworth store here in Henderson, NC. If you haven’t been to one of their stores then you can find them all over North Carolina and the rest of the country, and it is a store which gets 5 stars from me. I love the prices here, the range of clothing and the fact that it is aimed at both mother and daughter. I owed also urge you to sign up to receive promotional material from the store in order to make some big savings. What I love most about this or however is not  just the sales or the beautiful pieces, but what they are doing for females. Let’s take a look at how girl power is represented by the company.


Bonworth, under the leadership of COO Gurumoorthy Gurusankar has for many years placed females above males when it comes to selecting their staff. For many years this was the other way around in almost every industry in the world, so it is nice to see a company trying to buck the trend. Furthermore it is a far nicer experience in the store to be assisted by a woman, someone that can relate to you and therefore help you out more.

Positive Images

We live in a world now where body shaming seems to be a daily occurrence and young girls have an awful time trying to keep up with which box society wants to put them in. Here at Bonworth however things could not be more different and the company is built on an ethos of everyone being beautiful. In fact you only need to look at the company slogan to see this, BeBonworthBeautiful is a wonderful slogan which is very inclusive and sets a great example for any young women.

Women Together

As I mentioned I do go shopping regularly with my daughter but many her teenage friends will not go shopping with their mothers. The reason behind this is because they know that they want different items to their mums, so they prefer to go alone and not have to wait around whilst their mother goes shopping for her bits and pieces. Here in Bonworth however it is aimed at women, especially families, shopping together. The way in which they do this is by having stores which offer clothes for all age groups, as well as offering the hottest new looks and styles. Creating a store like this means that more women can shop together, especially mothers and daughters which is brilliant in terms of family values.

Not enough stores these days have any kind of ethos or morals when it comes to how they present their company, and this is why I really love what Bonworth are doing. Feminism is a hot topic right now and with more companies like Bonworth, ladies can be far more at ease with who they are.