Every child should know how to swim, not only for leisure, pleasure and social reasons, but more importantly as it may save their life or the life of another one day.  Did you know that one fifth of all drownings are children of the age of 14 or younger?  And 80% of drownings occur in the presence of the parents.

Having swimming lessons reduces the risk of drowning by 90%, but 50% of children have no or low swimming ability.  So how can you find kids swimming lessons in orange county?

What to Look for in Kids Swimming Lessons in Orange County

If you want your baby, toddler or child to learn how to swim or to develop their swimming ability then you will want to find a swim school that specializes in teaching children.  They will ensure that your child is taught an effective technique and skills in line with their age and current ability.  They will have train instructors for that age and ability group, as well as pools suitable as well as other teaching and training resources. 

Children need to not only learn swimming techniques, but also confidence to enter water and breathe under water.  They need to start to build the physical strength to swim for an extended period of time, develop their balance and buoyancy in water, develop breathing techniques, learn safety awareness and confidence in swimming in diverse bodies of water including pools, lakes, rivers, and the ocean.

If they are taught well at any early age they will go on to not only enjoy a lifetime or healthy and safe water activities but also perhaps able to compete during school and college years in the swim team which may open up many opportunities for them.

Many swim schools work with babies and toddlers alongside their parents so that the child feels comfortable and confident as they learn, and the parent learns how to help their child develop, and understand their limitations.  Children will develop their swimming ability and confidence very quickly if they start at any early age with the help of a trained professional instructor, whereas parents will tend to hold their development back for fear of them struggling, so by working together the parents learn how to help rather than hinder this development.

Some of the best swim academies have staged swimming curriculums which allow children to progress through each levels, often seven levels or more, passing tests and exams along the way.  This helps the child with a sense of achievement and allows them to develop at their own pace, rather than be held back by their age group class.  Through these levels they learn different stroke techniques, life saving skills, competitive swimming techniques such as water entry, and then diving and other techniques.

You will be amazed at how fast your child develops as a swimmer under careful professional instruction, and will soon get to the stage where they are happy and confident swimming in any body of water, while also understanding the potential dangers.