The more technology that we introduce to our home, the more that we must ensure that we have high level cybersecurity. If you think about it, you probably have a desktop, laptops, tablets, phones and perhaps even smart gadgets and cloud software all linked up to your home device. Now that is a sizable amount of information in your home alone, all of which can make a perfect target for a hacker. Bharat Bhise HNA was just discussing this at a tech conference that I went to in Florida, and he was especially highlighting the risk that so many people run because they don’t have cybersecurity in their home. Those who don’t either haven’t installed this software because they don’t understand it, or because they just don’t think it will happen to them. Unfortunately however these attacks so happen, and here is what the hackers will have their eyes on.

Banking Details

The first thing that they are likely to try and find is your financial information, particularly your banking details and your credit card information. Once they have this information they could request a new card and pin number which would give them maximum access to your account, alternatively they may start right away and begin to make big purchases on your credit card. Before you know you have even been hacked, the perpetrator may very well be on their way to a foreign land, or enjoying some thing expensive which you have just bought for them.

Personal Details

With your personal details a hacker can do all manner of things and identity fraud is a very real threat which you need to be aware of. Let’s say that they have your address, your social security number and passport number, what is to stop them going and taking a personal loan out, or creating a fake passport in your name, and then going off to commit a terrorist act? There is nothing stopping them from doing this and your personal information could very quickly be at great risk. If you give the criminals the keys to the castle then they are going to run wild. Even if they don’t use this info themselves, they may very well take it and sell it on to the highest bidder.


Not all hackers look for financial gain, and some may cause pain in a different way. They could publish private emails, text chats or photographs on your social media pages, they could release information which may cost you friendships, relationships or perhaps even your job.  The point is that they will have access to absolutely everything that you do on your computers and on your devices, every chat, every comment, every internet search and every piece of personal information which you have stored there. Do you really want that to happen?

Be safe and make sure that you have some high level security software installed, to avoid any of this from happening.